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Wireless Chest Pulse Sensor – Article

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If you want the most accurate heart rate during your workout then the wireless chest strap is your best option.

The chest strap may come as standard equipment or it may be an optional accessory for your exercise equipment. Either way these instructions will hopefully help you get the most out of your wireless sensor.


Let’s make sure you have everything first of all. You should have a Chest Strap. At each end of the strap should be a Tab. The strap itself will stretch. There should also be the Sensor. This is made of plastic.






To connect the two together insert the tab on one end of the strap into one of the holes of the sensor. Then, press the end of the sensor under the buckle on the chest strap. The end result should be that the tab and the sensor should be flush with each other.





For the heart rate monitor to work properly it must have skin contact. This means you MUST wear it under your clothes, tight against your skin.


Wrap the hear rate monitor around your chest, making sure that the logo on the strap is facing out and is right-side-up. Then insert the other tab into the remaining hole just like you did the first tab. The strap is adjustable and should be tight against your skin.

Finally pull the sensor away from your body and feel the area that was touching your skin, on the sensor. There should be two areas that are covered by shallow ridges. These are the electrodes. For the best results you should wet these two electrodes using a saline solution, like contact lens solution or saliva.