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White Line Test

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If you have tried to adjust your walking belt and it still feels like you are walking on ice, or that your walking belt is hesitating, or slipping as you are trying to use your treadmill. It may be that the Drive Roller and the Pulley attached to it have become separated. There is a quick test we can do to see if this has happened. It is called a “White Line Test”, we call it a White Line Test because white is easily seen against the black color of the Pulley. White-out or finger nail polish work best for this test as they are easily visible.

SAFETY FIRST, you will need to unplug your treadmill.

You will need to access your Drive Roller in order to perform this test. This will require that you remove your motor hood, the steps to do this can be found in the Troubleshooting section of your User’s Manual. If you do not have your User’s Manual click here.


Once you have removed your motor hood you should now be able to see your drive roller. (It will look similar to the picture here) With the white out or finger nail polish draw a line down the side of the pulley closest to the walking belt, and continue that line onto the roller creating what should look like the letter “L”.

Reattach your motor hood and plug the treadmill back in. Next is to test your treadmill. Start the walking belt and do what would be a normal exercise routine for you. Make sure you hold onto the hand rails and pay attention for when you feel it slip or jerk. Let this happen a couple of times.

After it has slipped a couple of different times unplug your treadmill and remove your motor hood again. This time we are going to just check your work. Find the L that you drew on the roller/pulley, you may need to push the walking belt around with your hand, and see if it has broken into 2 pieces. If it has then your drive roller will need to be replaced.