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Treadmill Kick-Latch

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Many of our treadmills are put into storage mode by a kicklatch mechanism. While the Kicklatch is easy to use, it is not immediately obvious as to how it works. This video demonstrates the use of the kicklatch.


Putting the treadmill into storage mode.

To place your treadmill into storage mode, simply raise the walking deck up until the kicklatch engages.

Removing the treadmill from storage mode.

To remove your treadmill from storage mode, push the walking deck a little more upright to release the tension on the kicklatch.
Then, gently press your foot against the middle of the kicklatch to disengage it.
There is a yellow sticker on the spot you should push with your foot.
When lowering your walking deck, be sure no children or pets are near the treadmill.