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Tightening Your Drive Belt

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Have you got a treadmill that is a few years old now, and it feels like it’s slipping or hesitating while you are walking or running on it? It may be that your drive belt has stretched out a little bit. This is completely normal, over time the belt may stretch out a little bit. You can tighten up your drive belt by adjusting your drive motor.

First things first, you must unplug your treadmill from the wall. Second you will need to remove your motor hood. The instructions to remove your motor hood are found within your User’s Manual as part of the Troubleshooting section.


With your treadmill unplugged, and your motor hood removed you need to identify your motor. It will look similar to the picture shown here. Near the motor there are a couple of bolts and nuts that need to be loosened. (They are shown as numbers 25 and 30 in the example) Do not remove them completely. With these bolts loosened you will notice that the motor will move up and down. Next you will want to step on your motor, make sure that you are stepping on it in the middle of the motor. The more pressure you apply the tighter your drive belt will be. While stepping on it, you will need to tighten up the 25 and 30 bolts and nuts again. This may require the help of another person to do so.

Reattach your motor hood and plug your treadmill back in and test your treadmill by walking on it. This process may need to be repeated if it still slips after your first try.