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Speed Calibration

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Does your treadmill speed just seem… off? If you answered “Yes” to this question then a speed calibration may be just what the doctor ordered.

Calibrating the speed is a simple procedure. However, make sure that you are being very careful while doing this. During this procedure we are going to take your treadmill from a stop to its maximum speed very quickly. It is important to remember to NOT stand on the treadmill as we go through these steps.

To start we need to enter calibration mode, to do this you will need to press and hold the STOP and SPEED INCREASE (this will be either an UP ARROW or a + (plus) symbol) buttons. While holding these two buttons you will insert your safety key.

Once you have inserted the safety key, you can release the buttons and let go of the safety key. At this point you will need to press the STOP button one time.

Now that we are in Calibration Mode, to calibrate the speed you will press and hold the SPEED INCREASE button. On the console you will notice that a number will start to climb. Continue to hold the SPEED INCREASE button down until this has reached 85. This will also take your treadmill to its maximum speed. If your treadmill’s maximum speed is 10 mph you should see that the speed reaches at least 9.5 mph, but may go as high as 10.5 mph. If it is less than 9.5 mph or higher than 10.5 mph some further adjustments may be needed. If you watch the video below, the steps to make these other adjustments will be explained in detail.