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Regular Maintenance

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This information is similar across most machines, for a detailed guide and products for maintaining your machine you can get our Treadmill maintenance kit or our Bike and Elliptical kit.


Keeping dust out of your machine will elongate the life of your machines electronics, belt and motor. If dust is allowed to build up in the motor area it will hold heat that is generated, overheating can cause the machine to shut off mid workout or it may even cause damage to the machine. If you are about to clean the motor area be sure the machine has been unplugged and in some cases the batteries have been removed. when dusting electronic parts or around the motor be careful to avoid products that produce static as well as using any damp cloth or spray. For non electronic parts a damp cloth is best, a vacuum cleaner will cover the rest.

During a workout sweat will often get on the machine, leaving the machine in this condition after your workout will overtime cause damage to it. When you end a workout, use a damp cloth and wipe down the machine. Use a non-abrasive cleaner or water. Avoid using too much cleaner or water, or spraying anything directly on the console.

Belt Tensions

Walking Belts for Treadmills and Incline Trainers, over time, will stretch. If your walking belt is off; the belt can slip, stick or shift during your workout. Adjusting the walking belt on a treadmill is simple, for treadmills check out this step-by-step video for adjusting the walking belt. Incline trainers have a similar process, the adjustment will be done at the front of your machine. Refer to your manual for details.

Drive Belts are used on Ellipticals, Bikes, Rowers, Treadmills and some other machines. The drive belt will connect the motor or resistance to the rest of the machine. Over time this belt can wear from use. If this belt becomes worn or gets over tightened, you may notice: slipping, freezing, noises, or loss of resistance or movement all together. Adjusting the tension on a drive belt is simple, but different on most machines. Your manual will cover this process. For help getting your manual go to our parts & manuals page.


Some parts need to be lubricated over time. If you have a treadmill or Incline Trainer, the walking belt will need to be lubricated. If the belt is dry you may notice during your workout the belt seems to slip or stick. It can also cause the drive motor to work too hard and over heat, if that happens your motor may be loud or the machine may shut off mid workout.

To check if your machine needs to be lubricated simply turn off your machine, unplug to insure it has no power. Then slide your hand under the belt, if the under side of the belt is smooth you may need a new belt, to order you will need your model number, enter that number on our parts and manuals page. The new belt will come pre-lubricated. If you feel no lubrication Order our single tube or our Three tube kit. Those kits come with instructions on lubricating. You can also watch our video on lubricating a walking belt.

Storage Conditions

When storing your equipment avoid places that are damp or may be exposed to extreme temperatures, these conditions can cause damage to your machine. Avoid storing your machine outside or in areas that have sun, or other elemental exposures.


As you use your machine, over time, the vibrations caused during use can loosen the bolts and screws. When these parts become loose it gives the machine play and can cause damage to the machine. To prevent this go through your assembly steps in your manual and re-tighten the hardware. Be cautious not to over tighten, don’t use power tools when working on your equipment. You should check your hardware regularly.

After Storage

This is the best time to got through all of these steps. Before you plug your machine in and power up, check your wiring, often during moving or re-assembling a machines wires can get pinched or unplugged. Refer to your manual for specifics on wiring on your machine.