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No Console Power – Article

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All of the lights are out, and it seems like nobody is home.

Depending on the type of exercise equipment you have, there are a few things we can double check to make sure you have power to the console. There is one question that must be answered though before we keep going. “Has it ever worked?” If the answer is no, then you may need to double check your assembly and make sure that there isn’t a damaged wire harness and that all of the wire connections are secure. If it has, then the suggestions below should help resolve the issue and get the lights back on.

For treadmills and incline trainers these first things seem obvious, but you would be surprised how easily they get overlooked. Make sure that the treadmill is plugged in. Is the power or reset switch on? And finally, do you have your safety key on the console? Double checking these things more often than not can get everything working again. If you still don’t have power try plugging something else into the wall outlet. This will verify that there is power from the wall to your treadmill. Also make sure that the treadmill is NOT plugged into a GFCI outlet.

On bikes and elliptical’s, because of the similar way that the operate, we will check the same things. Does your console use batteries or is it plugged in? If it takes batteries, have you tried to check them? They may have come loose or need to be replaced.  If you just replaced the batteries, make sure that they are coming in contact with the spring properly, or try a different brand to ensure they are making a good connection. If you have a power supply, double check that both ends are plugged in. If you still don’t have power, try plugging something else into the wall outlet.