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No Console Power Bikes/Ellipticals

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If the power has stopped working first replace the batteries. Make sure they are facing the right direction and that the connections are clean, and free of damage.

If the console still wont work, you may want to get a power supply (if available for your machine) or new console.

Power Supply/Power Cord

Check your outlet first, ensure the power cord is connected securely, that the cord and plug are free of damage.

If the power doesn’t come on test the outlet by plugging in another appliance.

If that appliance doesn’t power (and does where usually plugged in) you may need to check your breaker or move the machine elsewhere.

If the appliance powered up, your machine may have a loose connection.

If your power supply connects directly to the console, you may need to replace your power supply or console.

Checking Connections

The exact steps for this portion will vary based on machine and model number. This will guide you through the steps to check/fix, but use your manual to identify how to access the parts indicated.

Start by unplugging your machine.

Next we want to access the main wire. use your manual to identify this wire. It typically goes through the upright and connects to the console.

With the main wire now accessible, check this wires connections and pins.

These pins sit inside the plastic casing that connect the wire to the controller or console.

Ensure none of the pins have been broken or bent. If a bent pin is found, carefully bend it back into place.

Identify and check any pinch points the wire may have (Pinch points are any place the wire moves between two parts). If this wire is damaged anywhere, you may want to replace it.

Reconnect the main wire. If no damage was found, plug your machine back in. DO NOT touch any wires or electrical components while the machine has power.

Does the console work now?

Checking the Controller

Your machine will have a controller if it has an incline motor.

On your controller you should see a red LED, if that light doesnt turn on you may need a new controller

If the light is powered and you have checked everything above the issue may be the controller or the console.

If you have and know how to use a volt meter, test the machine and identify the part that is causing this issue.


Order parts online with your model number or contact us.