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Lubricating The Walking Belt

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If your walking belt seems to be sticking or dragging while you are walking on it, the lubrication may have dried out. The lubricant needed to resolve this for you can be purchased through Customer Care. The contact information to do so is listed at the bottom of these instructions.

If you are using the Lubrication Kit with the application wand please see the video below for step by step instructions.

As always whenever you are doing maintenance on your treadmill make sure that it is unplugged from the wall.

Step 1:


You will want as much room to work with as possible, in order to do this you can align the seam of the walking belt over the top of the rear roller. This will ensure that the center of the belt is as loose as possible.







Step 2:


Once you have the seam of the walking belt aligned properly the next step is to take one of the packets of lubricant, and with scissors cut the tip off the tube. Lift one edge of the walking belt.







Step 3:


You will want to apply 1/4 of the tube of the lubricant in a zigzag pattern to the walking platform. Do not apply lubricant all the way to the edge of the belt. Leave 1 to 2 inches along the edge of the belt un-lubricated. Then you will do the same on the other side of the treadmill. This leaves you with 1/2 of the tube remaining.

Rub the top of the walking belt against the walking platform to help transfer the lubrication from the walking platform to the walking belt.

You will then pull the walking belt so that the seam is now over the front roller and follow steps 2 and 3 again to completely cover the walking belt.




Step 4:


At this time you can now plug in your treadmill. When the treadmill is plugged in you will want to start your treadmill and let it run by itself without walking/running on your treadmill. Let the treadmill run for a few minutes to ensure even distribution of the lubricant across the entire belt.