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Installing Your Pedals

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Does it seem like you can’t get your pedals to fit onto the crank arms of your bike? There are a couple of things to pay attention to:

First, let’s make sure that you are installing the right pedal on the right side and the left pedal on the left side. The pedals are marked with an R for the right and L for the left. Also keep in mind that “left” and “right” are used as though you were sitting on the bike ready to do your exercise.

Once you have identified the right and left pedals we can install them. To do this you will need an adjustable wrench. If you find that you are unable to tighten it completely a special tool can be provided to you by contacting our Customer Care department.

Installing the Right Pedal is just like other screws you are used to, you will use the adjustable wrench and tighten the pedal down by turning it clockwise.

The Left Pedal is a little different. The threading for this is backward. The reason that it is backward is so that as you are using your bike you can’t accidentally loosen up the pedal and cause it to fall off. Again using the adjustable wrench you will tighten this pedal down by turning it counterclockwise.