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My Weight System Cables Are Too Long or Too Short

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In many cases, the routing cables for a weight system may appear to be too long or too short because they have not been installed correctly. The owner’s manual for your machine displays the correct length of each cable used for each step. Measure the cable to be sure that you are using the correct one. If the wrong cable has been used, re-route the cables. Make sure that the correct cables and pulleys have been installed exactly as specified in the owner’s manual.

If you have verified that the correct cable is being used and the cable is still too short, then the cable can be stretched. Have a second person lift and hold the weight stack in place while you route the cables to the stack. Then, insert the holding pin into the bottom weight. Carefully let go of the weight stack, taking caution to avoid pinching your fingers. Keep it this way overnight to allow the cable time to stretch to the proper length.