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Incline Calibration (PC Console)

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So you bought a touch screen console, and need to calibrate your incline. Calibrating your incline here is as easy as touching your console. No complicated button combinations here.

To start, make sure that your console is at the home screen. This can be accomplished by pressing the Home Button just below the touch screen. Once at your home screen there should be a square box with the letter “i” inside. Touch the box.

This takes you into the settings for your treadmill.  Within the settings menu you can adjust things like the language, units of measurement (Either miles per hour or kilometers per hour), among a few other things.


In the same location as the “i” on the home screen you will now see some gears or cogs in its place. By pressing this it will take you into the maintenance settings. To calibrate the incline we will want to be in maintenance mode. So if you already pressed this button, great; and if you haven’t you should do so now.

Once in maintenance mode there will be a series of buttons, one should be titled “Calibrate Incline”. Press this.

Finally step off the side of your treadmill, and press begin.