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Drive Belt Adjustments

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On some of our bikes and ellipticals it is possible to adjust the belt tension. This only needs to be done if you notice that the pedals are slipping. This would feel somewhat like you are suddenly losing resistance and then regaining it within a second or so.

To make any adjustments to your drive belt, you must first remove one of the side shields or the access panel on your exercise equipment. The steps to do this are explained within your User’s Manual.

Once you have opened your exercise equipment you will need to locate your flywheel and idler. A lot of the time these two things will be connected to each other. To make any adjustments you will need the Allen Wrenches or Hex Keys that were used during the assembly of your exercise equipment, or an adjustable wrench.

As you can see in the video below the adjustment is fairly easy to make once you have gained access to the idler adjustment bolts inside.