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Console Displays Zero – Article

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Running at the speed of 0? If you notice that your console says that you aren’t moving as you are doing your workout it may be just a simple Reed Switch adjustment.

To make the small adjustment that should resolve this and get you running back at the speed that you know you’re actually going you will need to work inside your treadmill today.

As always safety first, you will need to unplug your treadmill.

Once you have unplugged your treadmill you will now need to remove your motor hood, this will give us access to the inside of the treadmill where your Reed Switch is located. As you can see in the example picture there are 5 screws that may hold your motor hood in place. Your treadmill may have more or less. To see how many and where they are located you can look in your User’s Manual in the Troubleshooting section.





Now that you have removed your motor hood we need to find your Reed Switch and the Magnet. In the example picture the Reed Switch is shown as number 52 and the Magnet is number 50. You may need to push the walking belt around to find the Magnet, this will be found on the left side of the Pulley, number 49. You will need to align the Magnet (50) and the Reed Switch (52). The Reed Switch is held in place by a small screw, number 14. Loosen but do NOT remove this screw. With the screw loosened you will be able to slide the Reed Switch (52) around a little bit. Move the Reed Switch (52) so that the end of it is about 1/8 inch away from the Magnet (50). With the Reed Switch and Magnet now the correct spacing from each other tighten the screw (14) back down again. Now that you have made the adjustments needed you can reattach your Motor Hood.

With the treadmill back together again, plug it back in and try a work out. This process may need to be repeated if it doesn’t resolve the problem on the first try.